Fencing Tips

Fencing Tips

Wooden fences require regular maintenance and care, so learning to do a few simple repair jobs yourself is worthwhile.

If you have a small area of rot, you don’t need to replace the whole panel or post; just treat the affected area immediately to stop the rot spreading. Use a small wooden mallet and a chisel to chip away all the rotted wood and treat the area with wood preservative. Once dry, fill the cavity with wood filler. Wait about 15 minutes for this to set, then sand it flush with the existing wood. Repaint or revarnish as required.

If you have a closeboard fence (vertical boards nailed to a horizontal wooden “arris rail”) check the rail regularly for signs of damage. If there is damage, an arris rail bracket will reinforce your rail. These are made of galvanised steel and are specifically shaped to fit over the timber. They come ready-drilled so you can attach them easily with screws or nails. This five-minute job will help keep your fence upright for longer.

Contact Details – Landscapes

These are the contact details of a few of our customers. You can see their work on our products page:

PALEY LANDSCAPES – 01908 221395.
MK LANDSCAPES – 07816 763648.
CHAMELEON LANDSCAPES – 01908 232070 OR 07958 666233.
PA LANDSCAPES – 01908 618522 OR     07906 756069
 ACE LANDSCAPES – 01908 615503 OR 07736 038381.
 VINCE MALPASS – 07903 165009.


All newly laid turf should be watered thoroughly ideally within half an hour of installation.  Every piece of turf needs at least two hours of constant watering per day, increasing during periods of hot,dry or windy weather.  Water immediately and profusely on any sight of turf drying out e.g. gaps, lifting, browning or curling.


Good preparation is key to the quality of your lawn.  Existing turf should be removed with a spade.  For larger areas you may wish to hire a purpose-designed turf cutter.  The soil then needs to be turned to an approximate depth of 15cm (6”) with a spade or powered cultivator.  The area must be cleared of stones, weeds, old turf and any other debris.

Topsoil can be added to build up levels or to improve the quality of the existing soil.  If you are unsure of your topsoil requirements use our calculator.  The ground should be raked to produce a smooth, level surface.  Take time to ensure an evenly firm and level area.  The area should be firm but not compacted.  You are now ready to lay your turf.

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